Player Management

From the moment your talent starts to shine through until you are lifting that international league trophy, we’re with you all the way.

We have a global network of industry experts and professional partners on our team, providing your with services and guidance for every aspect of a player’s life.

A complete player management service:

Player representation

We will represent you and help you boost your sporting career. We will ensure you are at the right club for you and your career and support you in negotiations.

Career guidance

We will look after your career development whether you are a youth or academy player or already part of a first team squad. We will work with you on every decision, balancing education and sport.

Lifestyle concierge services

We can guide and assist you with lifestyle requirements such as purchasing or leasing cars, buying property, holidays, designer clothes and booking restaurants.

Management of commercial opportunities

Expert advice, negotiation and management of sponsorship opportunities, endorsement deals, partnerships, both professionally and personally.

Dietary advice and sports nutrition

The importance of diet and nutrition shouldn’t be underestimated and our dedicated nutritionists help create diets and hydration plans, specific to you optimising performance and recovery.

Wellbeing Services

Providing programmes of support, advice and guidance on wellbeing from experts with decades of experience in working with athletes at the highest level in sport.

Management of social media

We will carefully manage your social media platforms to enhance your profile. We will build your image in a positive manner to increase your good relationship with your fans.

Sports physiotherapy

Sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy are key for the diagnosis, treatment and recovery from injuries. We aim to return players for training in the shortest possible time.

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